Quantitative Market Research

Quantitative market research methods emphasize objective measurements as well as statistical or numerical analysis of data collected through various methods including polls, questionnaires, as well as surveys, or by manipulating pre-existing statistical data using computational techniques.

At SMRC we employ quantitative research to gather numerical data and generalize it across groups of people to explain a particular phenomenon.

The competition among multinationals as well as smaller companies gives rise to the need to understand customers better. Understanding customer needs as well as their brand perception aids companies to better their products in order to fulfill demand. This results in increased sales, better ROI, higher lead conversion, as well as customer retention. We at SMRC focus on quantitative market research in order to provide our clients with extensive sample-based surveys to face the fierce market competition.

Quantitative Research Methodologies include:

Retail audit

How do you make sure all your products are available on the right shelves, in the right quantity, at the right price, and at the right location? We at SMRC provide various solutions including planogram compliance, POSM compliance, the share of shelf, brand/SKU penetration, pricetag compliance, on-shelf availability, end-caps & gondola, and promotional compliance. We have the capability to conduct research audits in 7 emirates across UAE as well as in Oman. Our current retail partner portfolio encompasses1200 stores in the UAE and over 400 stores in Oman.

Market Surveys

Conducting Customer Satisfaction Survey programs requires extensive know-how, staff with ample experience, consultative approach, local presence, and technological innovation. At SMRC, we are proud to fill little pieces of such requirements to achieve perfection for our clients. In short, we would like to emphasize that our experience in carrying out online and F2F surveys in TCG, FMCG, petroleum & automotive projects, in particular, is even more custom to perfection.

Moreover, we are proud to be one of the few sought-after companies to design and execute Customer Satisfaction programs with different methodologies complementary to other research types for our clients. Delivering superior experiences throughout the customer lifecycle is critical for driving sustainable competitive advantage, customer loyalty, and business success.

Universe Census

We provide analytical data as well as reports about the inclination and trends of the industry by conducting an extensive sample size census. We enable you to capture real-time data, giving immediate and accurate results. For sampling purposes, the defined universe is split into a number of mapped areas called primary sampling units (PSU). SMRC has its own team of field experts, who gather required data with area maps and questionnaires and go street by street collecting relevant information. Most of the information is gathered via observation, and the remainder may be obtained from store owners/employees.

Mystery shopping

Most, businesses are not aware of which directions or touchpoints they are lacking behind when they are competing in the industry, whether it is in terms of customer service, product engagement, or points of sales. It could also be more specific areas related to suppliers, resellers, branches, or particular departments in the organization. This is where the service of mystery shopping comes in. SMRC has trained professional individuals to allocate for experiencing the services provided by companies. Our mystery shoppers act as prospective clients and then engage with all the targeted touchpoints observing and purchasing. Finally, these hired mystery shoppers report back to SMRC by filling out the mystery shopping questionnaire, presenting their evidence, and explaining all of their measurements in a detailed report.

ADHOC Research

Our diverse team of experts has the capacity to dive deep for a 360-degree view of a particular issue or to leverage insight and expertise to understand the big, strategic issues facing an organization. Teams are selected and assembled to fit the challenge. We work with clients to understand their challenges and scope our engagements to best address their unique needs. Every service we offer can be further customized for individual clients.


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