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A reliable merchandiser is one who understands the products and styles in their market to help customers choose the right products for their needs.
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We at SMRC provide merchandiser audits to key principal companies in order to help them understand if their merchandiser is promoting their products to the right consumers and has enough product knowledge to do the same.

Some of the key KPIs that we at SMRC analyze about merchandisers before reporting back to the company include appearance, punctuality, product/brand knowledge, conduct, and interpersonal skills among others.

A long checklist of items can be intimidating and difficult to read. Our team of experts formulate checklists into sections thus making it more clear, and easier to complete for whoever is performing the audit or check. SMRC conducts face-to-face audits with merchandisers as this is the most effective way to provide our clients with accurate and reliable results. Organization, clarity, and collaboration are all vital components in getting the most out of our audits and checklists, which SMRC provides. In addition, we also provide media where applicable so as to give the client a clearer picture of their business. This not only aids our clients in making changes where necessary but provides information about changes that need to be undertaken in order to improve business and increase overall revenue.

Using data from our audits especially if a brand has stores at different retail locations, a client can determine if some products sell better at certain locations. Key considerations have to be taken into account include different customer demographics of each retail location and adjusting products to better fit each location if some product sales are lagging. If all products are not performing well at a certain location, further inspection of the location may be needed. We at SMRC provide audits that will evaluate all merchandisers at all locations, in order to ensure, they are promoting products to the best of their ability in order to increase revenue.

Hence, merchandiser audits will allow you to protect your brand by ensuring that your products are accurately represented in their best quality in each retail location. Due to all of these factors, audits will earn you more than they cost you.

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