In-depth interviews

SMRC focuses on offering qualitative in-depth interview services that help you better understand your customers and industry.

We target a large base of customers with varying interests and preferences to provide insights into your product. Our experts ensure that the interview questionnaire aligns with the requirements of your industry and your business goals. That’s why our experts consider all insights offered by the stakeholders. This helps us in creating customized in-depth interviews which can target the issue. 

We trust that a good brand can only be created when you focus on the customers’ needs. That’s why SMRC focuses on providing qualitative and analytical, data-driven in-depth interviews. We have an experienced team of experts who understands your industry and the expectations of your business.
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Our process

Every business has its norms to follow. The journey to success is also different for everyone. That’s why we ensure customized processes for every client to create and implement in-depth interviews. We never go for generalization as we understand the peculiarities of every customer base related to every business. We follow a stepwise process to create and implement the in-depth interview questionnaires. Further, these questionnaires are developed into valuable data and analytical reports for easy comprehension. 

  • Discussion 

The first step of SMRC in-depth interview service in UAE starts with discussing the expectations and needs of the business. This is an inclusive stakeholder affair where we take all the required inputs from their end. This helps us get more personalized information regarding the questionnaire and its expertise. 

  • Study

Now SMRC experts study the customer base, industry, and business requirements. They put their expert input and experience into understanding the industry’s trends. This helps in creating a data-driven and useful questionnaire. 

  • Creation

With the above-conducted research, study and discussion, the next step is to create the questionnaire for the in-depth interview. Here, we make a comprehensive questionnaire that is easy to understand and interact with the clients. 

  • Implementation

The next step is the implementation of this in-depth interview questionnaire on different platforms where it can get access to your clients. This is also a research-based process where we ensure that the questionnaire gets considerable exposure to the customer base. 

  • Review and analysis 

At last, we collect and study the data. Finally, SMRC experts create reports of the data collected in the interview. This data is further analyzed to provide accurate qualitative results for the clients.

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