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SMRC provides in-depth market research studies on a global, as well as regional level.
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We track various industries including automotive, optics, FMCG, aviation, and banks, and aim to understand key macro and micro-economic trends. Keeping pace with the constantly changing business environment, we publish ADHOC and industry-specific market research studies. We employ best-practice models and research methodologies as well as comprehensive market analysis to ensure each report provides accurate market insights.

Our reports include research studies with detailed statistical analysis and exploration of market dynamics and trends that provide a holistic picture of the industry at hand. We follow an extensive research methodology coupled with a keen understanding of critical industry factors to generate the best value for our clients.

By processing raw data obtained from extensive field research as well as primary interviews and paid secondary data sources, SMRC’s team of analysts and consultants derive useful and usable information suited for our client’s business needs.

Our global subject-matter experts offer actionable insights. Gathering information without a pre-set purpose is not what we do. We collect data and share that information by encompassing market and consumer research into it to know the various characteristics of your target market. In our reports, we answer questions such as:

  • What is the need of the market?
  •  What are the key factors that influence consumer buying decisions?
  • Why do they choose a particular product?
  • What do the key features they look for in a particular product?
  • What factors influence consumer preferences?
  • How do demographics influence buying decisions?

Some of the aspects we cover in our market research reports include consumer habits and practices, shopping preferences, consumers’ connection with a product or brand, product benefits, and consumer buying attitudes, among others. 

SMRC’s reports combine comprehensive and accurate industry analysis through online and offline surveys; mystery shopping and other methodologies thus providing complete research solutions to deliver maximum industry clarity for strategic decision-making for our clients. Critical elements of our reports include:

  • Monthly and quarterly reports are delivered to each individual unit at your company.
  • Monthly separate reports for each requested segments
  • Comparison reports with previous months, quarters, etc.
  • Customer satisfaction through NPS scoring for each required touch point of services offered by your company versus competitors.
  • Analysis will be done through our online platforms (Shopmetrics, Smart Rocket, Qualtrics).
  •  An unlimited number of access credentials for all business units will be
  • Daily real-time updates.
  • Geographical analysis
  • Media, reports, and custom online dashboards designed for specific client requirements

Our experts are trained to fulfill the customized research demands of various clients across different domains with a tailored approach altogether. With their years of experience, they present observations with unbiased and unique problem-solving perspectives.

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